Drena Castle

Castel Drena

A true medieval fortress

At the foot of Castel Drena, which dominates the deep gorge of Rio Sallagoni, visible from the high crenellated tower, lies the striking Marocche desert, created by a peculiar glacial phenomenon that produced a field of boulders for a total of 187 million cubic metres.


Built during the 13th century, Castel Drena possibly stands over a prehistoric village. Its strategic location made it the subject of continuous disputes in the Middle Ages, since it blocked and controlled the only viable passage.

Impervious to fire, defended by two tiers of walls and built on the rock in a dominant position, the castle was impregnable with the assault means used at the time. The building’s style is essentially Romanesque, with some Gothic elements and a few 16th century structures.

The remains of a small church dedicated to St. Martin, a cult that followed the Franks expansion, document that the area was actively frequented already in the Carolingian period (9th– 10th century).
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